Nail Pad Protector (Kimberly Clark) - 100/pk

Nail Pad Protector (Kimberly Clark) - 100/pk

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Premium quality disposable nail pad protector Kimberly Clark.

The Protecta Pads are multi-purpose medical laminate plastic lines cut sheets made with four highly absorbent layers of tissue and one layer of soft polyethylene backing, laminated together to prevent strike through.

  • Can be used as medical procedures underlay, covering benches and trays, surface liner, dental bib, hygienic surface for dental tools and feeding bib.

  • Embossed pattern increases liquid absorbency, helping to prevent run off.

  • Softness ensures optimum patient comfort.

Pack of 100.

Approx. size: 30cm x 25cm

Shipping Measurements
Packaging: 32cm x 26cm x 5cm, 0.5kg