Liquid Dispenser (Menda - Superior) - 4oz (120ml)

Liquid Dispenser (Menda - Superior) - 4oz (120ml)

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This Menda liquid dispenser 4oz comes with the "mushroom head" stainless steel non-clogging pump and lid.

  • Locking pump will not leak when engaged - suitable for travel

  • High density polyethylene suitable for many solvents

  • Square shape provides stability and saves storage space

  • Wide opening that is easy to fill


Pump Care: Periodically flush with water or clean fluid, flushing out all liquid before returning it to use. For long periods of inactivity, pumps should be flushed free of liquid and stored inverted in a dry environment.

Caution: Read label for incompatible liquid type before use.

Approx. capacity: 4oz (120ml)

Approx. bottle size: 5.5cm(L) x 5.5cm(W) x 8.5cm(H)

Pack of 1 empty Menda Purity Protector liquid dispenser 4oz/120ml capacity.