Elleebana Flex Shields

Elleebana Flex Shields

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The growth and advancement in lash lift procedures around the world have called for more options and more innovations. With the quest to accommodate to all eye shapes, Elleebana has been working tirelessly to innovate our products without compromising on results. We are so excited to share our latest development – Elleebana Flex Shields!

How are these shields like the current Elleebana Extreme Styling Shields?

  • We have stayed with our identifiable colour of orange.
  • These little beauties also have a similar elevated lift curvature that offers an extreme lengthening and heightened result to the lifted or laminated lashes.
  • Storage and cleaning are the same and yes, these too will stain if you tint lashes while they are still wrapped on the shield. This is the nature of silicone products – we have actually experimented with all sorts of cleaning products on the market and some unconventional cleaning stripping products to reduce this staining and what we have uncovered is the faster they are rinsed the better. Using the Elleebana method of a lash bath to remove the tinted lashes (and tint) from the shields (during the service) does immediately begin to rinse the shields with water but attending to the tint removal quickly will reduce the staining in the long run.
  • Our tree tool sizing guide is still appropriate for sizing up these shields.

Revolutionise your Lash Lift Game with Elleebana Flex Shields!

So how are they different to our current Elleebana Extreme Styling Shields?

⭐ The physical silcone product is softer, more mouldable and more FLEXible.
⭐ Ultra-soft, comfortable and form-fitting for many clients eye shapes.
⭐ No adhesive is required on the back of the shield for 99.9% of clients.
⭐ Small, medium and large sizes including a shield for each eye – labelled LEFT and RIGHT.

Benefits Elleebana Flex Shields

💥 Not needing to use adhesive will reduce any discomfort for clients.
💥 Speed up the application step by skipping the application of adhesive.
💥 Similar elevated lift curvature to the Styling Shields offering extreme lengthening results.
💥 Accomodating to more eye shapes and sizes. ​​​​​​​
💥Ultra-soft silicone provides client with the most comfortable experience.


Each pack includes:

    • 2 x small (one right and one left eye),
    • 2 x med (one right and one left eye),
    • 2 x large (one right and one left eye)

CAUTION: Follow instructions carefully. Please refer directly to Elleebana official website for further information and for any inquiries or complaints.

For professional use and trained beauty therapists only.

Shipping Measurements
Packaging: 8cm x 6cm x 2.5cm, 0.05kg