Autoclave Sterilisation Pouches (Self-Seal) - Medium - 89mm x 133mm

Autoclave Sterilisation Pouches (Self-Seal) - Medium - 89mm x 133mm

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These Autoclave Sterilisation Pouches are mechanically sealed using TruePress Technology. This unique technology involves an exclusive production process that fuses the proprietary blue tinted film with high grade medical paper to form a perfect bond thus protecting the integrity of your instruments. The Self-Seal feature provides convenience, securely sealed and easy to use sterilisation pouches.


    • Strong seal: Secure seal with extra wide chevron seal protects against instrument breaching.

    • Medial grade paper: High quality porous medical grade paper that meets medical standards.

    • Lightly blue tinted film: Facilitates both easy instrument viewing and identification of tears in the film. The peeling of the film is equally easy because of clean separation of paper and film due to the use of high grade materials.

    • Wide self-seal adhesive strip: Easily and securely seals the pouch and provides reliable seal until pouch is opened.

    • Thumb notch: Assures easy opening of pouch.

    • Compliant with following:

        • CDC guidelines for Infection control.

        • AAMI ST-79 Standards, sections pertaining to external and internal chemical indicators.

        • ISO11607 Standards for packaging of sterilised medical devices.

        • ISO11140-1 & CAN/CSA Z11140-1 Standards for internal multi-variable chemical indicators and  external process indicators.

Pack of 200 MEDIUM sterilisation pouches per box.

Available sizes: Medium - 89mm x 133mm, Large - 89mm x 229mm