Caron Strip Wax (Deluxe Strawberry Creme) Microwaveable – 800ml

Caron Strip Wax (Deluxe Strawberry Creme) Microwaveable – 800ml

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Soft and silky xxx Caron Deluxe Strawberry Creme Microwaveable Hot Wax!

Deluxe Strawberry Crème is designed to pamper the senses with a decadent strawberry scent and its luxurious velvety texture. With Titanium Dioxide to reduce redness and skin it's perfect for waxing delicate areas and for those with sensitive or mature skins. With superior flexibility to ensure a smooth, silky finish it is the ultimate wax for a deluxe XXX treatment. Once heated you can't mistake that luscious strawberry scent.

  • Microwaveable Hard Wax!
    Quick and easy glide - ready to use in minutes when microwaved.

  • Fits directly into wax heater insert
    Heat resistant plastic tub. Swap easily between waxes.

  • No mess! No fuss!
    No cleaning messy wax heaters. No wasting wax.

Please read and follow manufacturer's instructions carefully. For professional use only.

Size: 800ml

Shipping Measurements
Packaging: 12cm x 12cm x 20cm, 0.825kg