Jax Wax Adam & Eve Hot Wax (Lavender / Alpine Bluebell Beads) - 1kg

Jax Wax Adam & Eve Hot Wax (Lavender / Alpine Bluebell Beads) - 1kg

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Using synthetic wax technology, Adam & Eve Hot Wax Lavender is formulated with titanium dioxide and calming and soothing Lavender Essential Oil.

Your clients won’t feel it going on or coming off as it is warm on application, it calms the skin on removal and prevents redness and inflamed follicles.

Perfect for Brazilian waxing and sensitive areas.

This specially blended formula is fool proof, it will apply exactly how you like it, it will remove all types of hair anywhere, spread it fast or slow, thin or thick, and this wax will perform the way you want it to.

Removes the shortest and finest of hairs. Contains no pine resins or artificial fragrances.

  • Recommended -“Unbeatable all areas.”

  • Synthetic Wax Technology -spreads thinly –economical to use

  • Formulated with titanium dioxide

  • Perfect for Brazilian waxing

  • Vivid Violet colour with a fresh lavender aroma